We have a new partner “cdkeysonline” !!!

Posted: marec 7, 2012 by exacttec in MASSACRE-ZONE
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We are glad to announce that we become partners with one of best CDkeys shop on internet.

CDKeysOnline is trusted alternative gamestore to Steam, EA Store, Amazon, Play etc. Why is CDKeysOnline so popular? Unlike other alternative stores they provide 24/7 customer support service 365 days a year between 30-60 minutes usual limit to answer any email you send. The customers who already bought from them can tell you how much they value this. Beside world-class customer service they offer better prices, regular promotions, sales and reward points which you can turn in for more discounts. Why is CDKeysOnline usualy cheaper than Steam, EA Store etc.? Obviously as an alternative store they have more friendly prices structure than official stores which are usualy bound to publishers who dictate their consumer prices. These shops have to follow the publishers instructions otherwise they will not recieve any deliveries from the publishers. They don’t need to listen to any instructions and they can set ther own pricing.

You can find them at: http://cdkeysonline.info/


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