Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Posted: 27/03/2012 by exacttec in CS:GO
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently in beta stage, so please note that anything and everything is subject to change.

The first and most immediate thing players will notice about CS: GO is that it’s absolutely beautiful. The phenomenal Source engine from Portal 2 has gotten even better, and will win over even the most stubborn of naysayers.

The easiest way to describe Global Offensive is by breaking down the old and the new.

The Old

Many classic maps make their return such as de_dust and de_dust2, along with cs_italy, de_nuke and de_train. They’ve all been brought into the modern age, and look beautiful.

The Terrorists are still fighting against the Counter-Terrorists. The sweet spots are still there. The most traversed paths are still in use. Even hostages are in the same spots.

CS: GO is the Halo: Anniversary of the Counter-Strike franchise, but in that process it does not compromise on anything you know and love in any way, shape or form.

All of the new versions of the weapons, models and maps are extremely well done, and even the most conservative of players will feel right at home when jumping into classic Bomb Defusal on de_dust, or Hostage Rescue on cs_italy.

The New

What will interest most players, though, is the new content: a new game mode, entitled Demolition, takes place across the two new maps, Lake and St. Marc.

Demolition is the first of inevitably many new modes in CS: GO, and takes a modern spin on the Bomb Defusal mode we know and love. Instead of one player having a bomb/defusal kit, each player on both forces has their respective equipment.

The Terrorist forces still have to plant a bomb, and the CT forces still have to stop them and defuse said bomb if it does get planted.

In addition, there is no store to buy from; instead, Demolition incorporates a light version of Gun Game. When getting kills, players will unlock a new, better weapon in the next round of the game.

Demolition is only available on the so-far two new maps, Lake and St. Marc.

Lake is a quaint map taking place in a calm, aesthetic area in which a lake house is the focal point of the map. I noticed, though, that it’s eerily similar to the multiplayer map of Makarov’s safe house from Modern Warfare 2, but that may just be me attempting to nitpick something that has little to nitpick from.

St. Marc, on the other hand, is a very Left 4 Dead 2-esque map, taking place on an enclosed wharf that’s been blocked off by police (undoubtedly due to the fact that bombs are in the area).

It still feels like Counter-Strike, but with an excellent tune-up.


My final statement in the previous paragraph sums it all up in a nice way: it’s still distinctly Counter-Strike… and that’s a double-edged sword.

At this stage, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is essentially Counter-Strike: Source with a new engine. The frustrating hitboxes are still largely intact. The learning curve feels lessened, but it’s still inevitable that you’re going to be dominated in ten different ways most games.

Strangely, though, it has a distinct feel that could vaguely be described as a mixture ofCS 1.6 with the technology of Left 4 Dead 2. Several weapon models were taken directly from L4D2, and that’s not a bad thing.

One of the most impressive things that I encountered was that of the hostages. Long-time CS players are used to them being random civilians from the most recent Half-Life title; not anymore. They’re full-blown tied, blindfolded, jumpsuit-ed and battle scarred.

Many of the animations also follow in lieu of Valve’s zombie apocalypse simulator. The fluency of them impressed me the most, showing that the Source engine can still be a workhorse in 2012, and provide true high definition gaming without undergoing a massive engine switch.

My only true nitpicking is that of the American soldier player models. They bear an uncanny resemblance to that of the Modern Warfare franchise, and will likely cause new players to think it’s exactly like it.

The overall presentation of the title, as previously iterated, is wonderful.

Hidden Path have done an excellent job of maintaining the classic CS feel, while bringing it into the modern age. Each map is meticulously reproduced, both with old and new nuances.


You’ll be seeing this screen… a lot.

At the end of the day, CS: GO is a ballsy, comprehensive take on a classic competitive franchise.

It maintains all that you know and love, while at the same time, taking several steps forward.

There’s much more work to be done, but from what I can see, Valve and Hidden Path are crafting the next big shooter.


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