As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase has begun! Thousands of players from all over the world have begun pre-purchasing their copies of the Digital Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition, and the limited Collector’s Edition. Everyone who pre-purchases the game receives the very handy Hero’s Band in-game item, 3 day Headstart Access before launch, and access to Beta Weekend Events (like the one coming up soon!) This week we’re going to take a look at the cool stuff you’ll discover when you first open the custom made box.


The focal point of the Collector’s Edition box (aside from the game itself) is the massive, impressive figurine of the iconic charr warrior Rytlock Brimstone. He’s hard to miss.

We really felt that the Collector’s Edition deserved an impressive centerpiece that captured the painstaking handcrafted design of the game and was evocative of the dangerous, beautiful world of Tyria. We considered sylvari figurines, norn warriors, and asura golems, but we kept returning to one concept for the figurine – the charr. And what better charr than the baddest tribune in the Blood Legion, the legendary Rytlock Brimstone?

We contacted Happy Worker, specialty toymakers from Canada who have an excellent reputation for working with clients until the end product is perfect, and asked them to produce a Rytlock figurine worthy of Guild Wars 2.

Working from detailed reference art, the craftsman at Happy Worker created a true piece of art that captures the unfettered bad-assness of Rytlock. Through the months- long creative process, ArenaNet artists worked with Happy Worker on numerous iterations of the figurine until it was finally perfect and worthy of you, the player. In the end, we were very happy with the final, hand-painted statue, and we think you will, too!

Take a look at it! 10 inches (25 cms) of armored savagery, painted with painstaking detail. This heavy rock-solid sculpture deserves a place of honor on your desk or bookcase – just don’t drop it on your cat!


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