League of Legends – Interview with Xpecial: “We definitely worked extremely hard in preparation”

Posted: 13/04/2012 by tronexmz in League of Legends
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Alex “Xpecial” Chu‘s team (Team Solo Mid) is surely a team to look out for in the future now that they have this new roster with Dyrus instead of The Rain Man on top. Also, Reginald’s brother – Jonas – coached this team and gave them many tricks and, has he said in TSM’s forums he has “no more tricks up my [his] sleeves” and stepped down as TSM’s coach.

Xpecial just looks very proud of his team and is certainly expecting awesome results in the future. Below you can see the two games that granted TSM the tournament win versus CLG.NA. Read this interview and you will like him even more than you do now!

Why did you choose to be a professional League of Legends’ player instead of any other game?

Xpecial: When I started playing League of Legends, I had no idea it would grow to such heights. Though I had always dreamed of playing e-sports professional, my first opportunity presented itself in LoL. I have actually played other games at a very high level, but none of them are nearly as popular as League.

You are the support of Team Solo Mid and recently you have had a change in your roster. What are your expectations for TSM with Dyrus now?

Xpecial: Most teams have a roster change when they feel that a member is not up to par. For us, TheRainMan stepped down for several personal reasons and team meshing issues. Dyrus has performed brilliantly and I have great expectations for my team.

What difference in gameplay style are there between the different continents?

Xpecial: In bottom lane, the EU meta seems to be Ignite with Heal or Flash on the AD and Exhaust and Flash for the support, while there is a lot more variety in NA with the addition of Heal Exhaust on support and Heal on AD. There are also a lot of differences just between teams in EU, for example, aAa prefers Leona support while CLG EU prefers Soraka and Janna.

What do you think of IPL4? Do you think it was the result of all your hard work?

Xpecial: Well, we took first at IPL4 and I can’t ask for anything more. We definitely worked extremely hard in preparation and it is the first LAN tournament that TSM has played with Dyrus. I am really happy with our performance and I hope that we will carry this momentum to every future tournament to come.

What do you think went bad in this tournament/what has to be improved?

Xpecial: Overall as a team, we simply need to play more consistently.

What team that surprised you the most in this tournament?

Xpecial: aAa surprised me the most as they went 0-4 throughout the tournament, I had expected them to be in the top 4… ):

What is your favorite support?

Xpecial: I do not have a “favorite” support, I pick my supports depending on which one is better or stronger for a situation.

What makes a good botlane in your opinion?

Xpecial: A good botlane requires high mastery of mechanics and incredible coordination between the two players.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Xpecial: In 10 years, I will either be still working in e-sports, whether or not I still play, or I will return to school. Either way, I will not regret the time that I spent playing LoL competitively!

Any last shoutouts or anyone you would like to thank?

Xpecial: I would like to thank all my friends, family and of course my teammates. Also, big thanks to Solomid.net for making everything we do possible.

As usual, a shoutout to my girlfriend, Yoonie, for always being supportive. Lastly, feel free to check out my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tsmxpecial and twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tsmxpecial. One more thing – thanks for taking the time to interview me and thank you everyone for reading all this!


If you want to watch, here is the video of his after IPL4 Vlog in which he talks about this tournament and he shows how happy he is.


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