Guild Wars 2 – Less than 7 hours to go!

Posted: april 27, 2012 by volume121 in Guild Wars 2
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Beta weekend is opening in less than 7 hours & Massacre-zone crew is really excited about it. We gonna start playing as soon as it start!

Massacre-zone crew

  1. I can’t wait for this! Downloaded and ready to rock! :D

  2. ilusioner pravi:

    Komaj cakam ze :))

  3. Possibly! Then again, I’m probably going to be in a Europe server (if there is one).

  4. Ian pravi:

    We all are waiting with my friend for it to start playing it :). Great site anyways ^^

  5. peropikee99 pravi:

    The game is awesome! Can’t wait till official opening!

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