Hello everyone.

I would like to share one secret with you guys. I found pretty interesting  how to get into Tomb of Khan Dakab.

First of all, the better difficult you put on the beggining, the better items you can get in this Tomb.

This Tomb will spawn randomly. That means also sometimes you will get a random events and other time a Tomb will spawn. There are two or three events you can get and also the achievements for each of them.

Step 1 : Change the quest into act II, quest 9 like you see on the picture.

Step 2: Telepot to the “Path to the oasis” directly from the town.

Step 3: Go to the point which you see on the picture (map).

Step 4: After you kill the monsters and after the cave will open just enter it.

Step 5: I think there is no need to type down the fifth step. At the end you will find a “Tresure of Khan Dakab

  1. LORDdiablo says:


  2. tWoychuj says:

    Great guide, thanks :)

  3. Hanna says:

    Thanks :D. I tried a couple of times and from the chest I got two yellow items :).

  4. xXdanteXx says:

    Great site! I’ve liked on facebook and also wish you guys could make more guides and things like this :). Good luck

  5. Marocco says:

    Make some more

  6. Predator says:

    Make some more. Also the Tomb can be spawned a little bit higher on the map ^^. But thanks for the guide, its awesome and one of rare ones from the internet ^^.

  7. Shiori says:

    Excellent guides, thanks so much for the effort!

  8. galonic says:

    this one is also great :). I like ti :)!

  9. bozinga says:

    Thanks :)

  10. diabl0 says:

    very nice :)

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