Hello everyone.

Heres another secret that we found.

First of all, the better difficult you put on the beggining, the better items you can get from this chests.

Step 1: Choose a random difficulty and select Quest City of blood -> Lair of the witch from the Act II.

Step 2: When you’re in the city, click on the Hidden Camp Waypoint and select Khasim Outpost.

Step 3: Go south of this Waypoint and try to find ruins named Vault Treasure Room.  It mostly spawns on the southwest side and the southeast side of the map. (If you find any other ruins or events, just restart this quest because other events or ruins will just  replace the Treasure Room)

Step 4: Click on the guy which is standing next to the Treasure Room and take this event. WARNING: Before you enter, you need to know that you only have two  minutes and 99 seconds to find the portal for entering into the room.

Step 5: When you enter in the Vault Treasure Room the time will start ticking.

Step 6: My advice is to go as fast as you can through the minions or if you are strong enough to kill them in time before the time runs out.

Step 7: When you enter, it looks something like this as on my picture. It spawn randomly 3-6 chests. Advice: You can gear up with some magic find items for better drop if you want.

Good luck with Treasure hunting.

  1. Pinky pravi:

    Nice, I got legendary item from the chest :D. But the item wasnt really good xD.

  2. bozinga pravi:


  3. galonic pravi:

    thank you :). Please make more!

  4. dXt pravi:

    My friend recomended this site to me and I see it pretty cool. I’m also gonna recommend it to the others ^^. But the site definitely need more diablo 3 guides :).

  5. bozinga pravi:

    Thanks :)

  6. diabl0 pravi:

    very nice :)

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